The most important standards in education

Embracing the Future: It's Time to Implement the Most Important International Standards in Education!

Why is the development of digital competencies and soft skills important?

""The 'Digital Soft Skills for Kids' Program is an ISTE-aligned, targeted program for children ages 3-12 that is designed to equip the next generation with essential soft skills in a digital environment.

In an increasingly connected world,

it is crucial that children not only master technology, but also the interpersonal and emotional competencies needed to navigate cyberspace. From effective communication and teamwork to empathy and time management on digital platforms, this program gives kids the tools they need to succeed in a technologically advanced future."


The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens

Digcomp is a European Commission initiative that establishes a framework for assessing and improving the digital competence of individuals and provides a common understanding of what it means to be competent in the use of digital technologies. The framework identifies the competencies that individuals need to function effectively and confidently in a digital environment. These include skills ranging from information and data search and management, online communication and collaboration, to digital content creation, online safety and problem solving. 


Business Competency Framework

It is an initiative from the European Union designed to establish a common framework of reference for the development and implementation of business competence. Its aim is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation throughout Europe.

Definition: EntreComp defines business competence as the ability to act in entrepreneurial way. An entrepreneurial person turns ideas into action through creativity, innovation and risk-taking, and has the ability to plan and manage projects with the aim of achieving objectives.


Key Personal, Social and Learning Competencies to Learn


LifeComp is an initiative of the European Commission for Personal, Social and Lifelong Learning development. It aims to identify and describe the key competencies that people need for their continuous personal, social and professional development in a constantly changing society.


European Sustainability Competence Framework


GreenComp is a European Commission initiative that aims to promote learning about environmental sustainability. The framework identifies key competencies in sustainability, helping students to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that foster an empathetic, responsible and caring approach to our planet and public health.


European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators

DigCompEdu is an initiative of the European Commission. Its purpose is to describe the digital competencies that are necessary for teachers within the educational context and seeks to assist in the development, understanding and assessment of teachers' digital competence for a meaningful integration of digital technology in teaching and learning processes.