IBEC implements the Key Competencies for
Lifelong Learning.

The Council of the European Union defines eight key skills essential for the education of students, teachers and professionals, in their personal fulfillment, healthy and sustainable lifestyles, employability, active citizenship and social inclusion.

International Standards Accreditation: “Lifelong Learning Program by IBEC (LLP by IBEC)”.

LLP by IBEC integrates the most important international standards in education, with the objective of achieving quality, relevant and equitable education in an increasingly interconnected world.

Why work with IBEC?

As a leader in implementing global standards in education and technology, IBEC sets the pace in innovation and best practices. It also combines pedagogy with the latest technologies to maximize learning. By partnering with IBEC, you ensure access to cutting-edge resources, effective educational solutions and opportunities for continued growth. In a world where education and technology are intrinsically intertwined, choosing the right leader is crucial to staying ahead of the curve and ensuring significant educational impact

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Learning resources
The best online education, 
an LMS for you.

Tools for teachers: 

Follow-up: Access to detailed reports on student progress.
Spaces for assigning activities that allow a complete evaluation.
Communication: Direct contact with students.

Tools for students: Ebooks Interactive video tutorials Educational projects Self-paced assessment Program simulators Additional information

About us

We are leaders in the accreditation of educational centers and companies in 25+ countries, providing them with the ability to certify their students and professionals according to the world's main standards. We are committed to promoting academic and labor progress for a more just society.